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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Physics


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For ages 8+
Includes a 40-page science book with materials

Blast off with Newton’s Laws of Motion and prepare to excel in PHYSICS! Develop a fundamental understanding of inertia, the laws of motion, centripetal force, mass, weight, velocity and acceleration. Concepts are covered with time-tested experiments and highly visual illustrations. This kit includes a balance scale for measuring mass and a jet car that really zooms.

24 activities that include:

  • Launch bottle rockets
  • Perform tricks with inertia
  • Stay in motion with a floating hover puck
  • Zoom a jet car
  • Build your own spring meter
  • Spin water upside down
  • Assemble and use a balance scale
  • Clock a race and accelerate, accelerate, accelerate
  • Measure mass

Requires common household items.

A Rave Review from Lawrence Hall of Science (Berkeley, CA)

“Imagine that you are stretched out on your couch relaxing at home. You have kicked off your shoes and socks and are busy doing almost nothing at all. Imagine that your mother asks you to pick up your dirty socks and your shoes and take them into your bedroom. You stay still, as if she has not uttered a word. The idea of moving a muscle seems very difficult. You are suffering from a royal case of INERTIA!

Penny Norman, Ph.D., again strikes gold with an engaging science kit based on the properties of motion and gravity. Motion covers many key concepts, including Newton’s Laws of Motion and many others. These concepts and accompanying projects are presented in a truly winsome manner, geared specifically to children aged 8+. Colorful illustrations seal the deal for a top-notch combination of learning and fun.”